Envent Dilution Probe

H2S Analyzer

No sample pump required

Numerous low pressure flow applications exist where an H2S measurement is required but a challenge exists on how to transport a sample to the analyzer. The Envent Dilution probe utilizes a permeable membrane technology along with H2S-free carrier gas to transport the sample without the use of a sample pump. The carrier gas can be H2S free fuel gas, nitrogen, or instrument air. The Envent Dilution probe, for the right application, is the cost effective and simple measurement solution.

  • Features
    • No sample pump required
    • No venting or high H2S samples
    • Can measure H2S in saturated dirty samples
    • Highly resistant to contamination
    • Sample is measured in-situ at process temperature and pressure
    • No H2S loss in the sample filter
    • No power required at the probe (safe in hazardous locations)
    • Isolates the analyzer from the process gas
  • Applications

    H2S can be measured in:

    • Flare lines
    • Low pressure / low temperature stacks
    • Vent lines
    • Tank head space
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